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VOL.06 | Spring 2024

2023 Spring - Contents

 Editor's Note
[Alternative Fuel]
Economic Analysis of Ships using Alternative Fuel – A Case Study
Can the Toxicity of Ammonia be Overcome When Used as a Ship Fuel?
CCS and CO₂ Carrier Technology for the Carbon Neutral Era
Briefings of MEPC 79 & Outlook for the MEPC 80
- Towards carbon neutrality by 2050
New KR GEARs, Updated with Real-time CII Monitor, CII Simulator and ETS Calculator, Enables Easier and Faster CII Rating Prediction
KR Hosts 「KR Conference 2023」 Small Modular Reactors
for Ships and Green Hydrogen Production using SMR
KR Publishes Ammonia Outlook Report : Setting Course for a Zero-Carbon Marine Fuel
KR Approves Louis Dreyfus’ FRESH Hydrogen Storage Vessel
Highlighted Projects from KR’s Joint Development Work on Methanol-fueled Vessels
KR-UPA Collaborate to Boost Methanol-Fueled Vessels
 Green Technology and Maritime Decarbonization Discussed at KR Seminar

2023 Summer - Contents

 Editor's Note
How to Ensure Compliance with CII Criteria for Existing Ships that Depend on HFO
 Innovative Energy Saving Technology
 Clear Path to Decarbonizing the Shipping Industry: Step-by-Step Response Strategy
MEPC 80 Highlights
KR Launches New Technology Qualification Service
 KR Awards AIP for 40Km³ LCO₂ Carrier, Jointly Developed by DSME & SHI
 Methanol-Fueled MR Tanker, Jointly Developed by K Shipbuilding and KR Approved
 KR Conference 2023: How Far Have We Come with Methanol-Powered Ships and Methanol Fuel Distribution?
 KR Inks JDP Agreement for Fuel/GHG Emission Reduction and Verification by Autonomous Navigation
 KR-HMM-SHI-PANASIA, Collaborate to Conduct OCCS Field Tests
 KR Joins Forces with Shipbuilding Industry to Standardize Scope 3 Emissions
 KR Successfully Co-hosts International Conference on Wind Propulsion for Ships 2023

2023 Autumn - Contents

 Editor's Note
IMO DCS-based CII rating analysis and CII improvement measures
 The Evolution of Alternative Ship Fuels and Fuel Containment Systems
 CCUS Industry and LCO₂ Carrier
MEPC 80 Key Highlights
KR Grants Approval to SHI’s 200K CBM Class Ultra-Large Ammonia Carrier with Ammonia Fuel
 KR approves LCO₂ cargo tank design developed by Hyundai Mipo and HD KSOE
 KR awards AIP to HD Hyundai Heavy Industries’ LNG dual-fuel VLGC
 KR Awards Approval in Principle to HD Hyundai Heavy Industries’ Innovative Tank Shape(Hi-ICON) with Sloshing-Restrained Technology
 MOU with Hyundai Mipo Dockyard for Joint Development of CSOV
 KR Launches ‘SeaTrust-FOWT’ Solution
 Paper proposing effective implementation of CII published in international journal Ocean Engineering
 Ship Battery System Survey in Response to IMO 2050

2023 Winter - Contents

 Editor's Note
The Prospect of Ammonia-fueled Ships and Challenges for Commercialization
 Methanol as a Marine Fuel
 Outlook for Propulsion Engines in the Era of Multiple Alternative Fuels
 International Trends and Overview of Green Shipping Corridors
Updates on Ongoing Works Output from IACS Related to Safe Decarbonisation
KR GEARs Key Updates - EU ETS
 KR awards AiP to Hanwha Ocean’s Onboard CO₂ Capture System
 Convergence of Digital and Carbon-neutral Technologies Strengthened with Signing of MOU between KR and HD Hyundai Global Service
 KR Publishes Research Report on Material Compatibility for Liquid Hydrogen Storage for Ships
 Guidelines for Using Biofuel on Ships
 KR Green Technology Conference 2023
 MacNet Technical Seminar 2023 -Ⅱ : Biofuels and Ammonia: How to Overcome Uncertainties as Alternative Fuels for Ships

2024 Spring - Contents

 Editor's Note
Biofuel as Marine Fuel
 Market and Key Technologies for the conversion to Eco-Friendly Methanol Fueled Container ship
| Cheon Sang-gyu, Head of the Research Institute at PANASIA | Status of OCCS Technology Development and Economic Viability
| EU Regulatory Trends | EU ETS Requirements and Securing Allowances
KR Verifies HMM’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Calculation Methodology
 New Technical Publications on Decarbonization Have Been Published
 KR-UPA-Lotte Fine Chemical-HD Hyundai Heavy Industries-HMM MOU to Boost the Ammonia Bunkering Industry
 KR Grants DongHwa Entec and DongHwa Pneutech Approval in Principle (AIP) for Ammonia Fuel Supply and Re-liquefaction System
 Launch of a Company Audit Service for the Verification of the Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP Part-III)
 KR Publishes Technical Information for Safe Marine Transport of Electric Vehicles

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